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Private jet Charter to Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, CAPlan a Weekend Getaway to Palm Springs

If you’re ready take a break from work and get out of town for the weekend, then maybe it’s time to start planning your next weekend getaway. While the weather across most of the US is still warming up, summer is already in full swing in sunny Palm Springs, California. Perfect for a relaxing weekend by the pool or an action packed 48 hours, you’ll find plenty of things to do and plenty of places to enjoy in Palm Springs. Continue reading

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Buy and Charter an Aircraft through Pacific Coast Jet

buy and charter

Buying an Aircraft

If you travel on a regular basis for business, on company trips and in your free time, then you’ve probably thought about buying an aircraft at some point. Owning your own aircraft saves you time and removes the hassle of dealing with commercial airports. As a business owner, you may even be looking for an easier way to travel with your team.

It’s no doubt that private jet travel is a more feasible solution in the long run. You can also turn this purchase into an investment that changes the way you travel for years to come. Continue reading

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Private Jet Charter Travel Guide: Spring Break and Festival Flights

private jet spring break golf

Private Jet Charter Travel for Spring Break

Spring is here and things are warming up, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for a much-needed vacation! With spring break right around the corner, major music festivals on their way and limitless travel destinations at your fingertips we’re sure you’re ready to begin planning your next getaway. Whether you’re jetting off to enjoy a relaxing round of golf, feel the warm sand between your toes, or party the night away with friends Pacific Coast Jet has got you covered.

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It’s Never Too Late to Plan Holiday Private Jet Travel

holiday private jet travelThe holidays are just a few short weeks away, but it’s never too late to plan holiday private jet travel with Pacific Coast Jet. Whether you are looking forward to holiday time with family or friends or just planning a quick winter getaway, flying with Pacific Coast Jet is the most convenient and comfortable way to travel during the holiday season.

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Private Jet to Park City, Utah

private jet to Park City Utah SkiSince the iconic resorts, Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort, merged into a singly managed destination, Park City Mountain Resort has become the largest ski area in the country. Add to that nearby Deer Valley Resort, and Park City, Utah is one of the most desirable winter destinations in the country. And the easiest way to get there is to plan to fly by private jet to Park City with Pacific Coast Jet. Traveling by private jet allows you the convenience of flying on your own schedule and avoiding the hassles of commercial air travel.

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Travel by Private Jet to the Game and Your Follow Your Sports Team with Ease

private jet to the gameAre you a loyal sports fan? You don’t miss a home game of our local teams? Or maybe you live far from your hometown or college and you never get to enjoy the game live in the stands? When you travel by private jet to the game, you can support your favorite team wherever they play. Whether it’s the 49ers, Raiders, Cal, Stanford, Warriors or the Sharks, or you’d like to watch your favorite team in their own faraway arena, Pacific Coast Jet will arrange your jet charter on your schedule wherever you need to be to cheer your team to victory.

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How to Find Good Deals for Private Jet Travel

deals for private jet travel


The benefits of flying on a private jet almost go without saying. Deluxe seating and fine details, the ability to bypass security and other commercial terminal hassles, and extreme flexibility of scheduling. Many people expect that this luxury and convenience comes at an unattainable price. At Pacific Coast Jet, our mission is to provide a top-notch, personal experience, while still maintaining affordability for our clients. However, there are a few tips to finding the best deals for private jet travel.

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Jet Charter Travel Tips: Summer Destinations for Families

jet charter summer travelYou may think it’s already too late to plan a great summer family vacation, especially trying to schedule flights. However, one of the greatest benefits of traveling by jet charter is the convenience: planning your itinerary according to your schedule, down to the time of the flight. You also avoid the hassles of commercial travel including the longs lines at security and boarding. So rethink the possibilities for summer family vacations. Here are a few to consider.

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Benefits of Jet Charter for Business Travel

Jet Charter for Business TravelWhen you travel often for business, you may feel as though you spend more time in airports than anywhere else. That’s why traveling by jet charter for business makes good sense. There are many benefits to flying on a private aircraft. When you fly with Pacific Coast Jet, you’ll experience these benefits and more.

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